Eisenhower Health’s Graduate Medical Education Program has a strong commitment to teaching medical students. Eisenhower Health routinely hosts medical students upon approval of an affiliation agreement. Our main key focus is to provide excellent teaching service to all students.

Clerkship gives students the experience and opportunity in all aspects of the hospital setting. Our rotation opportunities include general inpatient services, emergency department and various other departments that allow learning by viewing and doing. Students are shadowing practicing preceptor MDs as well current residents throughout the rotation. Our goal is to provide the fundamentals in the value of teaching and management of care.

COVID restrictions

During your EM rotation at the Eisenhower Health, you might be in contact with people who have been infected with COVID-19 (both with and without symptoms) which creates a greater risk of exposure to COVID-19 to yourself. Eisenhower Health follows the Riverside County of Public Health and CDC guidelines to reduce the risk of transmission of the COVID-19 virus in hospitals and clinics. All PPE will be available to visiting students while they are on duty in the emergency department.

Eisenhower Health requires all employees, including all Visiting Rotators, to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19; and upon the start of their rotation, each visiting rotator will need to provide proof of vaccination to Employee Health. In addition, our Infection Prevention requires all Visiting Rotators to be tested for COVID 72 hours before the rotation with a negative COVID test result which must be provided by Friday prior to the rotation start date.

See attached GME Coronavirus Guidelines.


Our clerkships are all located in the Coachella Valley. Depending upon the clerkship, some travel is required daily. Clerkships that are conducted on the Eisenhower Health main campus are: Emergency Medicine, Cardiology, and Hospitalist Medicine. The clerkships that enjoy traveling from Eisenhower Health clinics, underserved clinics, or skilled nursing facilities are: Family Medicine, Geriatric Medicine, and HIV Primary Care Medicine.

Apply for a Clerkship/Elective

To apply for a Clerkship/Elective, please fill out our application form below at least three months prior the preferred rotation start date. All applications are approved by the assign Director of the rotation & the Clerkship
Coordinator. All applications are reviewed within two weeks of submitting. When approved, the Eisenhower Health Clerkship Coordinator will send an email confirmation to the medical school and applicant. There are affiliations establish with Medical Schools, including International Medical Schools. The information will be provide to the student when approved for the clinical rotation.

Important Note: All students must provide all requested documents when submitting their applications.
a.)          Partial Transcript including all third-year rotations
b.)          Letter of Recommendation by any clinical attending physician (preferably by his or her mentor) and emphasizing on clinical performance and character.

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How to Apply:

1. Please download and complete the Clerkship/Elective Application.

2. Return the Clerkship/Elective Application along with the following required documentation to the Clerkship Coordinator:

Curriculum Vitae (CV)Please note, Eisenhower does not accept VISA
3. When approved, the Eisenhower Health Clerkship Coordinator will send an email confirmation to the medical school and applicant.

Contact Information

Clerkship Coordinator




Work with world-class cardiologists and learn the basics of clinical cardiology by participating in new cardiology consultations in the hospital and office, follow-up of continuity patients and attending teaching rounds and other didactic sessions. Students will receive training in four cardiology subspecialties: preventive cardiology, cardiac imaging, procedures and electrophysiology. There will be a strong emphasis on EKG interpretation, physical exam, and interaction with the medical residents. We will tailor the rotation to the students’ needs and/or weaknesses.



This four week clerkship is designed to provide an in-depth exposure to skin cancer in addition to inpatient dermatology. The rotation primarily focuses on improving ones knowledge and skills concerning the diagnosis (skin screenings, dermoscopy), preoperative, operative (including Mohs surgery), and postoperative care of patients with skin cancer. Additionally, hospital based dermatology consultations involving management of complex medical disease will be available.

Emergency Medicine

Emergency Medicine

This four week clerkship is designed for the student to see urgent and emergent cases independently, and then present the cases to the attending physician who will verify the H&P in order to develop a plan for evaluation, treatment, and disposition. The student will be exposed to the specialty of emergency medicine, experience the initial approach to patients in need of emergent medical care, and will become more comfortable with procedures common in emergency medicine.

Information for Applicants

Clerkship Director

Dr. Wirachin Hoonpongsimanont



Clerkship Coordinator

Selene Rodriguez




Completion of third year of medical school


Four weeks


EMC Tennity Emergency Department

Time of rotation

14 ten-hour shifts

Scheduled for 5am, 9am, 10am, 3pm and 7pm

Required education sessions

Weekly conference (Thursday 7 am to noon)

Procedure workshop (First Tuesday 8 to 10 am)

Student presentations (Third Thursday)

2022-2023 Rotation Dates:

October 17th – November 13th
November 14th – December 11th
December 12th – January 8th
January 9th – February 5th
February 6th – March 5th
March 6th – April 2nd
April 3rd – April 30th
May 1st – May 28th
May 29th – June 25th

Important notes: We limited the numbers of learners in the emergency department to ensure the quality of the rotation. Therefore, we offer the rotations to students who are applying to emergency medicine residency. Do not apply though VSAS website.

Family Medicine

Family Medicine

Explore our personalized patient-centered medical home practice in La Quinta, CA. Our four week clerkship in an ambulatory, state-of-the-art facility, with nationally recognized faculty in Family Medicine.

Geriatrics – This four week clerkship is designed to provide the medical student with an in-depth exposure to high-quality care for the elderly population. The rotation focuses on evaluation and management of the medical and psychosocial aspect of aging. It exposes the student to rehabilitation, chronic care, and ambulatory clinic, as well as inpatient consultations and hospice care.



This four week clerkship is designed to provide an in-depth exposure to primary care of the HIV adult patient in an outpatient setting. Students will precept with physicians in appointment-based practices.

Important note: this rotation is currently unavailable at this time.



This four week clerkship is designed to provide an in-depth exposure to high quality care in the inpatient setting. This rotation differs from the traditional medicine rotation in that students have the opportunity to be exposed to more patients, as multiple patients are admitted each day, rather than on a rotating call schedule. The rotation focuses on evaluation and management of common hospital based internal medicine pathology and inpatient medical consultations on surgical patients, students work directly with hospitalists on the service without the involvement of house staff.



This four week clerkship is designed to provide an in-depth exposure to general nephrology with a focus on evaluation and management of in-patient nephrology care and ambulatory nephrology care with an emphasis on chronic kidney disease. Students will also have the opportunity for exposure to aspects of renal transplantation and procedures.



In this module, students will be exposed to a wide array of autoimmune, inflammatory, and non-inflammatory conditions that affect the musculoskeletal and other organ systems. Students will learn differentiation between inflammatory and mechanical joint pain, identification and characterization of symptoms and signs of all different kind of arthropathies, well-covered autoimmune rheumatic diseases, with the opportunity to examine the patients under supervision of a board certified rheumatologist. Investigations relevant to rheumatic and musculoskeletal disorders and general principles of their management are included in this rotation. Advanced imaging techniques with relevance to musculoskeletal and autoimmune related disorders including investigations undertaken on synovial fluid are integrated in the rotation. The long-term physical, psychological and social effects of autoimmune rheumatic and musculoskeletal disorders and drug counselling, management and monitoring are part of the curriculum. The risk factors, common causative organisms, signs and symptoms, differential diagnosis, comorbidities, and investigation of bone and joint infection will be extensively discussed.

Eisenhower Staff

Internal Medicine Sub-Internship

This four week clerkship is designed for fourth-year medical students, where the student will perform the role of an intern under the supervision of senior house staff and attending physicians. The rotation focuses on developing an assessment of patient problems and prioritizing differential diagnosis for each problem. Students will learn to create a formulated plan for pharmacologic therapies that are cost and therapeutically effective, demonstrate an awareness of the goal for the hospitalization and what will be needed for effective discharge planning, and articulate an understanding of the assessment needed for each of the problems utilizing appropriate laboratory and imaging.

Family Medicine

Family Medicine Inpatient Sub-Internship

This four week sub-internship is designed to include the fourth-year medical student as a core member of the Family Medicine Inpatient Service team. The sub-intern will assess acutely ill patients, formulate appropriate differential diagnoses, and develop evaluation and treatment plans using current evidence-based guidelines. Additionally, the sub-intern will model Family Medicine at the bedside by adopting a patient- and family-centered approach to care, engaging patients in shared decision-making, partnering with patients’ families of choice, and communicating with each patient’s primary care provider to improve care transitions from admission through discharge.

Important Date: Please see the dates that are listed for Emergency Medicine are the same for this rotation.

Ultrasound Tech

Emergency Medicine Ultrasound

In order to provide medical students with hands-on emergency medicine ultrasound experience, active participation in performing ultrasound, reviewing learning materials are emphasized. The course consists of experiences in performing ultrasound in the ED to aid patient care, weekly conferences, QA session and summary report presentations.

Important Note: Please see the Emergency Medicine section to view the rotation dates.

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