Geriatric Medicine


The Geriatric Medicine Fellowship at Eisenhower Health is a comprehensive one-year, ACGME accredited training program which provide fellows-in-training a unique opportunity to gain geriatric care expertise in a nurturing and structured learning environment; enrich their clinical skills, medical knowledge, and experience in becoming more competent, effective, and independent clinicians while mastering geriatric core principles and evidence-based approach in the evaluation and management of simple and complex medical conditions commonly encountered among the older population; and develop an organized, collaborative, coordinated, and interdisciplinary approach to meet the growing demand and health care needs of the older population across all care settings. All fellows-in-training, under the supervision and mentorship of the attending physician, will actively participate and are expected to apply ACGME core competencies in providing compassionate, comprehensive, coordinated, culturally sensitive, goal directed, and patient-centered medical care.

The program will be sponsored primarily by Eisenhower’s Family Medicine Residency Program with strong collaboration and partnership with other core specialties. After completion of the one-year fellowship training and fulfilling all of the ACGME requirements, graduates are eligible to sit for the Geriatric Medicine Certification Examination offered by the American Board of Internal Medicine or American Board of Family Medicine.

Required Core Rotations:

  • Skilled Nursing Facility/Subacute Rehabilitation 8 weeks
  • Inpatient Geriatric Consult 8 weeks
  • Ambulatory Primary Care Geriatrics 4 weeks
  • Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation 4 weeks
  • Palliative Care and Hospice 4 weeks
  • Geriatric Psychiatry 4 weeks
  • Neurology 4 weeks
  • Urogynecology 2 weeks
  • Wound Clinic 2 weeks

Elective Rotations:

  • Sleep Medicine 2 weeks
  • Podiatry Medicine 2 weeks
  • Outpatient ENT/Audiology/Vestibular Rehab 2 weeks
  • Outpatient Urology 2 weeks
  • Outpatient Ophthalmology 2 weeks
  • Outpatient Orthopedic 2 weeks

Other rotations related to geriatric care will also be considered if feasible, planned in advanced, and will be accommodated on a case by case basis.

Required Longitudinal Learning Experience:

  • Longitudinal Ambulatory Geriatric Care Half day per week/per fellow
  • Skilled Nursing Home/Subacute Rehab Half day per week/per fellow
  • Periodic Home or Residential Care Visit Half day each month/per fellow
  • Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment 1 to 2 half days each month/per fellow

There will be one half day per week protected time for supervised goal-directed learning experiences tailored to meet ACGME requirements and standards, and delivered in different formats such as but not limited to the following:

  1. Didactic lectures provided by core faculty, physician specialists, and fellows in-training
  2. Working towards scholarly research activities/quality improvement projects
  3. CAQ board review (GRS Syllabus)
  4. Case conference presentations
  5. Journal club
  6. Mortality/morbidity conferences
  7. Simulation lab focusing on practice based learning
  8. Geriatric medicine monthly meeting attended by core faculty and fellows

All fellows in-training are required to actively participate in mentoring and teaching medical students or resident physicians rotating within the department.

Eisenhower Health Graduate Medical Education (GME)
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