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How Simulation Training Translates to Quality Care

The Simulation Center at Eisenhower Health offers students an invaluable opportunity to hone in on their clinical skills and decision-making abilities through immersive, realistic patient scenarios. This plays an integral role in shaping the next generation of exceptional Eisenhower Health providers.


Creating Realistic Training Situations

Watch the video to learn how our Simulation Center is creating the highest level of academic training.

Learn and Practice on the Most Advanced Medical Training Technology

Our 2,500 square feet space is equipped with state-of-the-art, immersive technology where students and medical professionals can train and learn in a controlled environment with:

The center spans 2,500 square feet in the newly transformed health sciences building, featuring cutting-edge resources such as high-fidelity manikins, task trainers, and an advanced audio-visual capture and playback system.

The center offers a variety of simulation programs covering critical care, emergency medicine, neonatal intensive care, OBGYN, and more. Medical student and resident electives are available. These programs include high-risk procedural workshops and research initiatives, ensuring participants receive comprehensive training.

The center focuses on interprofessional development, integrating various scenarios into ongoing simulation activities throughout the year. This commitment ensures that participants, including medical students, residents, and fellows, receive the latest simulation techniques and technologies.

The center collaborates with outside tertiary centers, such as Children's Hospital of LA and Seattle Children's, for research and best practice guidelines. This collaboration extends educational and assessment opportunities to a wide range of healthcare professionals affiliated with Eisenhower Health.

In health care, essential critical thinking skills are paramount, particularly in time-sensitive scenarios.

We aim to develop simulations that authentically replicate these hospital challenges, providing optimal training for diverse participants, including medical students, residents, and fellows. Our commitment is to uphold the highest standards of care, acknowledging the trust our community places in us for their well-being. Embracing this responsibility, we are dedicated to providing support in their moments of need."


- Solomon Sebt, MD
Medical Director of the John Stauffer Center for Innovation in Learning,
Eisenhower Health

Patient care

The Simulation Center Helps Us Prioritize Patient Care and Safety

Our Simulation Center uses immersive clinical replicas to enable future physicians to strengthen instincts and expertise with no patient risk, building practical knowledge through hands-on repetition with guided assessment to apply these skills adeptly in real clinical encounters later on as practicing doctors.

Benefits of Simulation Training


Hands-on Training Without Risk

Experience real-life situations and symptoms in a space where you can safely make mistakes, learn from those mistakes and try again.


Instant Performative Feedback

Allows the team to debrief after a training session to assess decisions made, what went right or wrong and gain confidence in what to do next time.


Train as a Team

Work collaboratively as a team and gain key competencies, such as communication, problem-solving, teamwork, and leadership.


Practice Any Number of Scenarios

A variety of medical problems-from the common to the unusual-can be recreated allowing you to gain experience.


Solomon Sebt, MD
Solomon Sebt, MD

Medical Director & Simulation Director

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Solomon Sebt, MD

Solomon Sebt, MD

Dr. Solomon was born in Jackson, Mississippi, but was raised in Lawrence, Kansas. He earned his bachelor’s degree in Exercise Physiology with the highest distinction from the University of California at Davis. Subsequently, he attained his Medical Degree (MD) with Summa Cum Laude honors from St. George’s University, where he was also a member of the Gold Humanitarian Honor Society.

Following his academic achievements, Dr. Solomon pursued his residency training in emergency medicine at Eisenhower Medical Center, where he ascended to the role of Simulation Chief Resident. Notably, his involvement in the simulation committee was instrumental in the establishment of Eisenhower’s inaugural simulation center in 2022. During his tenure as Chief Resident, he further honed his skills through mentorship in simulation by Fellowship Director Dr. Eric McCoy at the University of California, Irvine.

Presently, Dr. Solomon is a board certified attending physician and core faculty member within our emergency residency program. Moreover, he holds the esteemed position of Medical Director at the John Stauffer Center for Simulation and Innovative Learning, demonstrating his commitment to advancing medical education and practice

Priscilla Zamarron, MSN-Ed., RN
Priscilla Zamarron, MSN-Ed., RN

Simulation Coordinator and Educator

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Priscilla Zamarron, MSN-Ed., RN

Priscilla Zamarron, MSN-Ed., RN

Priscilla Zamarron, MSN-Ed., RN, serves as the Simulation Manager at the John Stauffer Center for Innovation in Learning at Eisenhower Health.

She received her Master of Science in Nursing with an emphasis in Nursing Education from Capella University, Minneapolis, MN.

In 2012, Priscilla became a simulation coordinator and educator and has been a member of SSIH (Society for Simulation in Healthcare) since 2012. In 2020, she opened a new accredited simulation center, providing education to six physician residencies, a new nurse residency program, and multiple medical and nursing institutions. She created educational tools to enhance medical practices and simulation education assisting medical residents in developing low fidelity task trainers. She facilitated and structured the Medical Student Elective, Standardized Patient and Volunteer Program and had overseen numerous simulation drills.

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