Community Service

In keeping with our mission of quality patient care and medical education, Eisenhower Health has established strong partnerships and gained support from various local entities, including nonprofits, community leaders, private/public partners, schools, and churches.

Our current partnerships and support include the Coachella Valley Volunteers in Medicine Free Health Center, Desert Healthcare District, Find Food Bank, Abound Food Care, F10 Creative and affiliates, UC Riverside, Office of Congressmen Dr. Raul Ruiz, Twenty-Nine Palms Band of Mission Indians, Cal-State San Bernardino Nursing, Overflow 9:12 Mobile Showers, and the LGBTQ Community Center of the Desert. By leveraging these existing networks, we will be able to effectively reach our target population and ensure the provision of comprehensive healthcare services. Through collaboration with these community organizations, we can tap into their expertise and resources, fostering a holistic approach to community health.

Eisenhower Health team providing free care at the Flying Doctors event.

There is a great sense of purpose helping those in major need, not only with their health, but in life. We all should give back, which is what drives you and so many privileged people here in the desert to help out in many ways in Indio. I am very fortunate to have a wonderful Practice at Eisenhower Health's Argyros Center the major difference for me is that much of what I do is maintenance, here at VIM it is RESCUE.

— Family Doctor at Eisenhower Health

Community Health Goals


1. Increased Access to Healthcare

Our primary goal is to deliver essential medical care to underrepresented communities in the Coachella Valley, focusing on breaking down geographical and socio-economic barriers that hinder access to healthcare. By providing accessible and convenient healthcare services, we aim to ensure that everyone in the community has equal opportunities to receive the care they need.

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2. Comprehensive Care

We are committed to providing a wide array of services to meet the diverse health needs of the community. Our services will include not only basic medical evaluation and treatment but also vaccinations and the distribution of medically tailored meals. By offering comprehensive care, we aim to address both immediate health concerns and long-term health management.


3. Community Health Improvement

Our project aims to contribute to the overall improvement of community health in the Coachella Valley. We will focus on preventive care, early diagnosis, and the effective management of chronic diseases. By prioritizing these areas, we seek to reduce the burden of illness, enhance quality of life, and promote overall well-being within the community.


4. Medical Training Opportunities

We are dedicated to providing practical training opportunities for medical and nursing students, as well as resident physicians. Through hands-on experience in community health and equity, we aim to enhance their clinical skills, foster an understanding of the social determinants of health, and promote a commitment to serving underserved populations.

Eisenhower Health Graduate Medical Education (GME)
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